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Hi guys, thanks for visiting my website! I wanted to give you a little insight on my world,  instead of simply showing a face in pictures.

B A C K G R O U N D   :   My full name is Samantha Elizabeth Dahlborg. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and grew up living in New England. Go Pats! My family is made up of my mother, father and two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. All throughout my life, my family has been super close. Us kids grew up with parents who instilled compassion, self-love and following our heart in our everyday lives. One thing I always remember my dad saying is, “Whatever you do, make sure it makes you happy.”

I’m the oldest sibling, and with that I think comes with a certain responsibility. The responsibility to do things first, make mistakes and pave the path. If you ask anyone in my family, they’d nod their heads in agreement that I for sure, paved my own path!

P A S T   :  I graduated high school in June of 2012 and immediately the following Fall attended The University of Southern Maine to eventually earn my BA in Communications. I’ve always been one to do things my own way, of course, and knew in my heart that to be happy, my life would not be lived in the traditional “go to school, go to college, get a degree and get a job…” way.

It was around the time of (the little Rhode Island girl we all now know as Olivia Culpo, won) Miss USA 2012 that I really started taking notice to the whole pageant world. Miss USA was the first pageant I ever really watched. Totally girl crushing on OC since day 1. She had this ‘it’ factor.. There was just something about her. You couldn’t look away. I followed her reign all year from winning Miss USA to walking the red carpet, traveling the world and even winning Miss Universe. ALL AT THE AGE OF 20.

A light bulb went off in my head. I could totally do this. This was also an opportunity to brand myself, give myself a voice and potentially inspire people. I began to do my research on entering the Miss Maine USA pageant. There were girls from my hometown who were making Top 5 or even winning the Miss Maine Teen USA pageant! Classic me, I told myself, “I can SO do this” and went to one of their informational meetings, put down a deposit and was IN IT TO WIN IT. (Just so you can picture it, at this time I had fresh new clear braces to fix my off-centered gap and the highest heel I ever wore was at my high school graduation and I think they were like 3”! ...OH! And maybe the important fact that I have never done anything like this before in my life..) But, that didn’t stop me from going 200% chasing this new found goal of becoming Miss Maine USA 2014 (braces and all). Well. I won. I did it. Oh, and I was 19 years old.

Yes, I went on to compete at Miss USA. It was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for three weeks in the Summer of 2014 and it was everything you could’ve imagined. I learned a LOT. But what I think the biggest thing I took away from all of my pageant experience is that you can make a change. And now that I have a voice and people know my name, I can use my voice to inspire, connect and change the world.

After my pageant days were over, I knew I didn’t want to stop. I’d watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows every Winter and would study magazines. I wanted to create art. I wanted to model. And after my pageant adventure, I knew I could do it. I grew up dancing so entertaining and being on a stage felt like home to me.

I am a signed Scandinavian/American model. I’ve modeled in showrooms for ASHLEYlauren and Neiman Marcus a number of times and have been featured in a 15 page spread for NH Bride. I have hosted numerous shows in Boston Fashion Week and hosted the annual Synergy Boston New Years’ Eve party.  A super cool experience was when I was in Switzerland with my sister and received the news that I got the cover of the International Tilted Kilt Calendar as well as earning the spot as Miss May. I've worked for brands such as fresh beauty, Heineken, Samuel Adams, Barstool Sports, Hardshore Distilling Company and more! Another one of my favorite memories was being featured on Sports Illustrated as the Lovely Lady of the Day - more than once! One time I was interviewed and featured on Playboy Italia - oOoO! I also am an extra in The Witch Files by Cocksure Entertainment (with a local Maine Director) and actually dragged my mom into the taping, so she’s in it too! I was also the leading lady in Jack Thomas’ rendition of “Like I Would” by Zayn Malik- this version is super fun. I’ve starred in national Chinese Laundry, OPTX Eyewear and Fanatics.com commercials and walked in runway shows for Sherri Hill and Seacoast Sports Cycle just to name a few..

P R E S E N T   :   I took a leap of faith and left everything I knew in my hometown of Gorham, Maine to move to Boston, MA. I'm making my dreams a reality and enjoying every up and down on this journey. 

With some cool new things happening, I hope you continue to follow my journey as I keep you entertained!

FUTURE  :  I will continue using my voice to inspire, empower and promote through my blog, social media channels and human connection. No dream is too small. We must listen to our hearts. Listen to your heart and you’ll find the way, find your purpose.



Miss Maine USA 2014

Sports Illustrated Lovely Lady of the Day

International Tilted Kilt Calendar COVER

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